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Behind the Scenes: Murdoch Ahoy

Murdoch Ahoy: Making Murdoch

Underwater scenes are easy to shoot, right?

Behind the Scenes: Tour de Murdoch

Tour de Murdoch: Making Murdoch

Cycling was a popular sport in the early 1900s, and like today, not without a dark side.

Behind the Scenes: The Return of Sherlock

The Return of Sherlock: Making Murdoch

Find out more about why Sherlock came back into Murdoch's world.

Behind the Scenes: Loch Ness Murdoch

Loch Ness Murdoch: Making Murdoch

Find out more about the perils of outfitting actors in old-fashioned bathing costumes!

Behind the Scenes: Murdoch of the Living Dead

Murdoch of the Living Dead: Making Murdoch

Learn how the crew managed to get a few zombies into this episode.

Behind the Scenes: The Filmed Adventures of Murdoch

The Adventures of William Murdoch: Making Murdoch

Find out more about the creation of the period-appropriate props used in this episode

Behind the Scenes: Murdochophobia

Murdochophobia: Making Murdoch

Learn about how the cast of Murdoch work with - insects!

Behind the Scenes: Midnight Train to Kingston

Midnight Train to Kingston: Making Murdoch

Meet Murdoch's most notorious rival and find out how claustrophobia helped the cast!

Making Murdoch: On the Waterfront Part 1

On the Waterfront Part 1: Making Murdoch

We see the personal trials of Brackenreid and the tribulations of the suffrage movement.

Making Murdoch: On the Waterfront Part 2

On the Waterfront Part 2: Making Murdoch

The cast reaction to Clara Brett Martin, the first female barrister in the British Empire.

Making Murdoch: Glory Days

Glory Days: Making Murdoch

Yannick Bisson had a lot on his hands directing this episode.

Making Murdoch: Holy Matrimony, Murdoch

Holy Matrimony, Murdoch: Making Murdoch

Julia and William tying the knot? After eight seasons it had to happen!

Making Murdoch: The Murdoch Appreciation Society

The Murdoch Appreciation Society: Making Murdoch

Written as an homage to the series' terrific fans - that's you!

Making Murdoch: High Voltage

High Voltage: Making Murdoch

Two Thomas Edison's in one episode!

Making Murdoch: What Lies Buried

What Lies Buried: Making Murdoch

The entire episode is filmed within the station house and had to be written like a play.

Making Murdoch: Celebrating 100 Episodes

Celebrating 100 Episodes: Making Murdoch

Has it been 100 episodes of Murdoch Mysteries already?!