A Stab In The Dark - Alibi's crime podcast

Entertaining and insightful, A Stab in the Dark is a must-listen for crime fiction aficionados.

A Stab In The Dark - Alibi's crime podcast

The UKTV Original crime podcast returns this month with brand new episodes.

First up is a special interview with Quizmaster Richard Osman. He's swapped his chair on Pointless to write his debut crime novel The Thursday Murder Club and chats all about it to award-winning crime novelist and podcast host, Mark Billingham.

Next, acclaimed American author Liz Moore explores the opioid epidemic in her stunning novel Long Bright River, the book that has set America ablaze, and multi-award-winning, bestselling American author Harlan Coben talks all about his 32nd novel.

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Later in the series, there's a special We Hunt Together episode and A Stab in the Dark also celebrates The Sopranos 20th anniversary with a special interview with actor Vincent Pastore and includes additional chats with award-winning author, Denise Mina, Blood creator Sophie Petzel, screenwriter Sarah Phelps and Agatha Christie's great-grandson, James Prichard.

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