About Series 3

Driven neurosurgeon turned medical examiner, Dr. Megan Hunt continues her quest to find justice for the dead and prevent harm to the living.

Body of Proof

Two years into her new life as a Medical Examiner, Megan has rechanneled her genius into solving the medical mysteries of the dead and uncovering who was responsible and why. Along the way she has tried to repair some of the emotional damage she caused to those close to her and has reached relative peace with herself. Until Tommy Sullivan walks back into her life.

After a long career in New York City, Detective Tommy Sullivan has relocated to Philadelphia where he and his new partner Detective Adam Lucas have drawn the unenviable job of teaming with Megan to solve homicide cases.

Needless to say Megan is stunned by Tommy's presence, wants nothing to do him and immediately suspects he has somehow engineered his new post to rekindle their relationship. Is she right?

With each passing case, the personal tension between Megan and Tommy evolves into mutual respect and even hints of their old personal attraction. Megan starts to wonder if she should risk opening herself up to this man again.

The answer will come as they tackle the biggest case of Megan's career -- indeed the biggest mystery of Megan's entire life: Did her father really commit suicide, or was he murdered?