Briarpatch - Kim Dickens interview

Kim Dickens (Deadwood, Treme, House of Cards, Fear the Walking Dead) stars as Chief Eve Raytek in Briarpatch.

Briarpatch - Kim Dickens interview

What makes Briarpatch stand out from other television dramas?

There's something really magical and special about Briarpatch. It's very film noir with pulp fiction elements - and it's hilarious at times, too. My character, Eve Raytek, is the chief of police in San Bonifacio. She's a formidable character and an authoritative firecracker. She's a lot of fun to play.

What do you enjoy the most about playing Eve Raytek?

This role totally surprised me. I said to Rosario, "I'm usually covered in dirt and killing zombies [in Fear The Walking Dead], but now I have all of these monologues to do." It was a really nice challenge for me, and it was really fun. Briarpatch has so many comedic elements to it, so it's great to play a character who is bigger than life with a lived-in flair to her. I haven't gotten to play a character like this in forever.

How much did you enjoy your experience on the set?

This entire experience has been a complete blast. Every job is different. Fear [The Walking Dead] was certainly fun and very challenging on a daily basis - and this was a joy from the beginning to the end of each day. It was fun to be in a comedy and to work with a talented cast like this. It's been incredible.

What was it like to work with Briarpatch showrunner, Andy Greenwald?

Andy has put so much art and soulfulness into this project. You can see it in every selection he makes; from the crew to the background artists and all of us. You can clearly see the love he has put into the show. It's visually engaging. The music is moving. I am really proud of it.