About the show

A spin-off from the hugely successful Criminal Minds, the police procedural that first aired in 2005, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour once again follows a Behavioural Analysis Unit working out the FBI’s academy of training and research in Quantico, Virginia and travelling across the country to investigate criminals. So what’s different in this show? Simply put, the team.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour

Forest Whitaker stars as Special Agent Sam Cooper, a fearless and fierce leader who is not afraid to risk his own neck in order to stand by his convictions. Sam was a long-serving agent who left the FBI, but he's been brought back on the understanding he can work outside the confines and bureaucracy of Quantico and pick his own eclectic team of profilers.

His three Supervisory Special Agents are former British soldier Mick Rawson (Matt Ryan ) who is a highly skilled marksman, former convict John "Prophet" Sims (Michael Kelly) who has a calm, Zen-like presence and wants to make amends for past sins and Gina LaSalle (Beau Garrett), an attractive agent armed with a cunning sense of perception.

Joining them are Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) who brings her computer know-how to the team and Senior SSA Beth Griffith (Janeane Garofalo) brought over from the FBI Threat Assessment Task Force to help the group identify and hunt down of some of the most terrifying killers roaming America today.