Dangerfield arrives on Alibi

In a channel premiere, Nigel Le Vaillant and Amanda Redman star in Series 1 of this classic crime procedural.


Set in the historic town of Warwick, Dr Paul Dangerfield is at the heart of his community - he's a doctor and police surgeon, as well as a widowed father of two teenage children. Struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife Celia a few years earlier, Dangerfield gets involved in local police cases.

Series one starts when black police constable Nigel Spenser arrests suspect Makin in the early hours of the morning and then finds himself faced with a brutality charge. Dangerfield is faced with an ethical dilemma when Spenser's superior, DI Ken Jackson, puts pressure on him to help get Nigel off.

Matters are made more irritating for the police surgeon when Ken contacts him in the middle of his first date with sultry barrister Kate Durrani. Things look bad for Nigel until Matthew Evans' body is found in his garden and the property in Makin's car is proved to have been stolen from Evans' house.