Death in Paradise Profile: Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall)

With the untimely demise of Richard Poole, a replacement was needed but, apparently, the British police have no shortage of DIs to send overseas.

Humphrey Goodman played by Kris Marshall

Imagine how the job of police inspector on the Caribbean island of Saint Marie was sold to DI Humphrey Goodman. "Well, the original inspector was murdered so we sent Richard Poole to investigate and then stay on in the job. And then he was murdered, so we want you to investigate and then stay on in the... wait! Where are you going?!"

Thankfully Humphrey didn't head for the hills but headed very much towards the tropical paradise to sniff out Richard's killer and then stay on as the lead investigator on the island for the third series of Death in Paradise.

Like Richard, Humphrey is a very bumbling character - picky and pedantic and clumsier than a newly born gazelle wearing high heels. Accident prone to say the least, if something doesn't already have a foot in it, Humphrey is willing to oblige.

But, whilst he tends to forget day-to-day essentials like notebooks and keys, Humphrey, like his predecessor, has a razor-sharp mind when it comes to recalling the smallest of details. This, and his ability to take unique angles on investigations and make connections that, at first, seem random, make him a formidable detective.

Unlike Richard though, Humphrey actually embraces Caribbean life - not a great big confident hug of course, more like an awkward fondle. But still, he sees it as an adventure and, over time, he forms strong bonds within the police team and makes the island his home. It's only when love comes calling that Humphrey makes the difficult decision to leave Saint Marie and head back to London. It's sad to see him go, but at least he avoided the grisly fate of the two DIs before him. Which must have made recruiting Jack Mooney so, so much easier...