Death in Paradise Profile: Jack Mooney (Ardal O'Hanlon)

The Saint Marie police force must be wondering what it’s doing wrong. After two of its lead investigators were murdered and a third left for love in London, they must have lost faith in the DIs being sent over from the UK. Thankfully, the perfect man to take over the lead in Death in Paradise showed up during one of Humphrey Goodman’s cases.

Jack Mooney played by Ardal O'Hanlon

In Episode 5 of Series 6, Humphrey Goodman, together with Florence and Dwayne, travels back to London to further his latest investigation and his liaison in the capital is one Jack Mooney. Impressed by the help his colleague offers, Humphrey recommends Jack for the job on Saint Marie when he decides to follow his heart and settle back in London with his new girlfriend Martha Lloyd. And so, a new chapter of Death in Paradise begins.

Jack has his own personal reasons for wanting a fresh start. Recently widowed, he sees Saint Marie as an opportunity to begin a new life away from the memories of his lost wife.

Compared with his two predecessors, Jack is more relaxed and easy going, but a slightly less fish-out-of-water is still a fish very much out of water. This is a whole new world for Jack and, whilst his Irish charm and love of a good yarn goes some way to winning over his colleagues and the community, his unusual methods of investigating and seemingly erratic trains of thought can prove unsettling to those around him.

But does he get results? You bet he does. So it looks like Jack is here to stay and those thinking of committing crimes in the Caribbean better think again!*

*which of course, they won't, but it's just as well otherwise we wouldn't have this fantastic TV show...