What to expect in Series 6 of Death in Paradise

More sun-soaked sleuthing as we say farewell to Kris Marshall and hello to Ardal O'Hanlon in the sixth series of Death in Paradise.

Death In Paradise - Series 6

Starts Thursday 30th August at 9pm

Packed with captivating mysteries, this popular series set on the beautiful and fictional island of Saint Marie in the Caribbean continues to delight Alibi viewers with its warmth and wit.

This new series finds DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) eagerly awaiting the return of Martha (Sally Bretton), an old acquaintance from London. But as soon as she arrives on the island, their burgeoning romance is put to the test by an untimely murder.

And there are even more fiendishly difficult puzzles for the team to tackle, from a cricket club president murdered in the middle of the pitch, to a scientist found dead halfway up a volcano. And a seemingly unsolvable case takes Humphrey and the gang to London, in a special two-part story, where they are helped by recently widowed copper DI Jack Mooney (Ardal O'Hanlon).

When Humphrey decides he wants to move back to London, Jack agrees to fly out to Saint Marie for a holiday with his daughter to replace Humphrey for a few weeks. But will Jack be able to resist staying for good in a tropical paradise packed with intriguing mysteries?