Evil - Katja Herbers interview

Katja Herbers plays Kristen, a forensic psychologist hired by the Catholic Church.

Katja Herbers interview

Tell us about your character in Evil...

I play a forensic psychologist called Kristen Bouchard. Kristen has four wonderful daughters and a very science-based outlook on life. She teams up with Mike and Aasif's characters to investigate where evil comes from. Does evil have a purely scientific explanation or is something else at play? And why do people do evil things?

How would you describe the tone of the show?

I read an article the other day that described our show as batsh*t TV and I think that's pretty accurate! It's a jam-packed, weird and thrilling ride. It's scary, but it also has a lightness and a sense of humour, which makes the show very unique.

Do you enjoy the horror genre yourself?

I'm a scaredy-cat! I am not a fan of horror. I do not watch scary things. The Shining is the only scary movie I've ever seen and I did not like it, so it's ironic I'm in a show called Evil.

There are bold storylines about religion and the church in Evil. What's been the feedback on the show from religious communities?

It's been good feedback from both non-religious and religious communities, which I think is great for us. It makes sense because both sides are treated with respect in the show.

Does your work on Evil make you question or reshape your own beliefs?

No, but it educates me on other points of view. I never knew much about religion before this, because I come from a pretty secular country [the Netherlands]. However, I'm very interested to hear other people's perspectives. To be honest, I think that's what's great about our show. It creates debates. It makes people ask questions. I really love that about Evil.