Harrow - Series 3

Ioan Gruffudd's disturbed and driven medical examiner returns, solving mysteries from the Queensland Institute of Forensic Medicine.

Harrow - Series 3

Dr. Daniel Harrow (Ioan Gruffudd) is no ordinary forensic pathologist; his total disregard for authority and unfailing empathy for the dead help him solve even the most bizarre of cases. Driven to give victims a voice, Harrow will bend every rule to get to the truth of what happened to them.

In the third series, things get close to home for Harrow when it looks like his son has re-entered his life. Harrow will need all his wit, wile, and forensic genius not to solve a crime, but to keep it buried.

In the opening episode, "Marta Semper Certa Est" ("The Mother is Always Certain"), Harrow finds the body of his supposed son, James, at a shipyard but is barred from working on the autopsy.

Instead, he is assigned to work on the case of a dead homeless man, but he works with Nichols anyway to try and find James's mother. As the mystery deepens, Harrow is approached by another young man... who claims to be his son James!