About Murdoch Mysteries Christmas Special

Alibi's Victorian detective William Murdoch is back this month for an all-new and delicious Christmas murder story.

Murdoch Mysteries Christmas Special

Downton Abbey's Brandan Coyle and The OC's Kelly Rowan join the cast in a thrilling yarn with one question at its heart: who stole Christmas?

When a rich philanthropist is murdered, many in Toronto are in danger of losing Christmas. He had always run a charity that provided presents to the poor, and now the presents have gone missing.

As Murdoch and his team investigate, they begin to believe they have found the killer - Albert Grynch. But when he turns up dead and the presents are still missing, Murdoch and the gang now have to find out who killed the Grynch who tried to steal Christmas.

Millicent McGowan (Kelly Rowan) and Mr. Rankin (Brendan Coyle).

Millicent McGowan (Kelly Rowan) and Mr. Rankin (Brendan Coyle).

There are other Christmas stories that affect Murdoch's crime-busting gang, too: Ogden deals with a man who believes he's Santa Claus; Brackenreid declares that Christmas is getting out of hand at his family home and there will be no Christmas this year; Murdoch, in an attempt to give Julia a proper first Christmas, invites all their family to celebrate, with disastrous results; and Crabtree, unable to visit his aunts in Newfoundland and feeling alone, ponders a world without George Crabtree...

All in all it's a picture-perfect Christmas in Toronto... with murder bubbling beneath the snow.