About Season 7

Murdoch Mysteries

As season seven begins on the first-ever Victoria Day, Murdoch is reunited with his beloved Julia aboard an opulent passenger ship on its maiden voyage. Their time is short-lived, however, when the daughter of the ship?s owner appears to have been pushed overboard.

Among the investigations this season, Murdoch protects the life of inventor James Pendrick after someone is shot upon the reveal of his latest innovation ? a film accompanied by sound. Murdoch must also contend with movie madness taking over Station Four, as Brackenreid and Crabtree clamour for a part in Pendrick?s latest film, which is based on the crime-solving adventures of the detective himself.

Sherlock Holmes returns to assist Murdoch when a nanny disappears and her young charge is convinced the only person who can find her is Sherlock himself. The detective also contends with killer spiders, a sea monster, the mysterious death of a cyclist and facing down a zombie army. Allan Hawco, the star of Republic of Doyle, appears as a fortune hunter who leads Murdoch and Crabtree out of Canada to the Colony of Newfoundland. This affords Crabtree the opportunity to catch up with his aunts in his hometown of St. John?s.

The second half of the season sees a convicted murderer wreak havoc on what should be a routine train ride to his execution at the Kingston Penitentiary, while a daring adventurer has Crabtree convinced that a species of mole people is behind a series of tunneling robberies. The murder of a band member leads to a speakeasy where Dr. Emily Grace is entranced by the sounds of ragtime and flirtatious behaviour of Leslie Garland, while later in the season Dr. Julia Ogden will join Emily for a bachelorette party on a secluded, perhaps haunted island.

Wendy Crewson guest stars as a confidence artist whose past adventures in fraud could be helpful, and Murdoch will once again face off against government agent Terrence Meyers (Peter Keleghan; The Newsroom) and political forces out to stifle progress when American President McKinley is assassinated and Murdoch must pursue a group of anarchists believed to be responsible. Curling, Kung fu, mysterious death threats, ticking bombs and a deceased relative will also all come to pass by the season seven finale.