About Season 6

Murdoch Mysteries

Everybody's favourite Canadian old-timey crime show, "Murdoch Mysteries," is back for a sixth season.

Based on Maureen Jennings' award-winning novels, Murdoch Mysteries stars Yannick Bisson as Detective William Murdoch, a pioneering detective who uses ground-breaking forensic approaches to solve cases. Putting him at odds with his bosses - who favour old-fashioned crime-solving techniques - Murdoch must keep pace with new scientific advancements in the early 20th century, as well as new types of crime never seen before on the streets of his native Toronto. And, as the cases get more and more intriguing, well-known faces from history are embroiled in Murdoch's investigations - in series six, a young Winston Churchill (played by Downton Abbey's Thomas Howes) and Arthur Conan Doyle become involved.

Murdoch's colleagues include Constable George Crabtree, Murdoch's eager but sometimes naïve right-hand man; Inspector Brackenreid (Coronation Street's Thomas Craig), Murdoch's sceptical yet reluctantly supportive boss; feisty pathologist Dr Emily Grace; and the love of his life, pathologist-turned-psychiatrist Dr Julia Ogden, a staunch supporter who shares the detective's fascination with forensic science and innovative ideas. All are valuable allies who help Murdoch solve his varied cases and traverse the many levels of Victorian society.

The sixth series begins in the year 1900, where Murdoch is finally poised to enjoy a personal life as successful as his professional one. Meanwhile Dr Julia Ogden launches a progressive new career as a psychiatrist at the Toronto Women's Lunatic Asylum. Having finally expressed their deep love for each other and mistakes in not communicating it sooner, William and Julia realize that they have new challenges to face in trying to be together. Meanwhile, Crabtree's burgeoning investigative success bolsters his confidence and his romantic pursuit of Dr Grace.