Home For The Holidays (2017 Special)

Rowdy families, dodgy deals, skiing and, of course, murder! Celebrate Christmas Murdoch-style in this third full-length festive special from the Canadian crime series.

Home For The Holidays (2017 Christmas Special)

Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) and Ogden (Helene Joy) take the train to Victoria to spend Christmas with his brother Jasper's (Dylan Neal) family. But their plans for a peaceful holiday are overturned when Jasper and his wife Daphne (Kate Hewlett) cancel Murdoch's luxury hotel reservation so that they can stay with them and their two boisterous daughters, leading to all sorts of mayhem.

Then, archaeologist Megan Byrne (Megan Follows) demands RCMP officer Jasper investigate tampering at the site of an ancient settlement she and a partner are studying. When they arrive at the dig site, they discover her associate has been murdered and the ensuing investigation leads them on a trek through the rugged beauty of British Columbia and encounters with the Songhee and Haida nations.

Meanwhile, Brackenreid (Thomas Craig) is persuaded by his wife Margaret (Arwen Humphreys) to invest a considerable sum of money with a young banking wizard (Jake Epstein) at a financial company gala. In anticipation of the promised doubling of their investment, they're excited for Christmas and spending lavishly - only the windfall they soon experience isn't quite what they expected.

Crabtree (Jonny Harris) and Higgins (Lachlan Murdoch) are invited by Nina Bloom (Erin Agostino) and Ruth Newsome (Siobhan Murphy) to join them at the family chalet in Vermont for romance and skiing. Keen on the adventure, the constables - who know nothing about skiing - boldly proclaim their expertise and passion for the sport to the ladies. But when they discover what's involved, the constables start to question the idea.