Constable George Crabtree

About Constable George Crabtree

George Crabtree (Jonny Harris) is Murdoch's assistant and a sincere, straightforward soul. Whilst his dream of being a great detective might never be realised, at least he gets to work with one!

Being from a poor background, George's desire to become a high-ranking detective was hampered by his lack of formal education. Joining the Toronto police force as a rookie, George's wide-eyed naivety would often frustrate Murdoch as he tried to explain his sophisticated new police methods.

However, George's fierce loyalty and thorough legwork would prove invaluable and, slowly but surely, his unconventional thinking would start to serve up unexpected insights and even a few practical applications for some of Murdoch's more outlandish ideas. Some of Murdoch's smarts must have rubbed off over time!

After a few romantic adventures, George meets lawyer Effie Newsome, the cousin of Henry Higgins' wife Ruth Newsome, in Series 12 and they begin courting. The pair are now are in a firm relationship, although it does have some rocky moments.

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