Detective Llewellyn Watts

About Detective Llewellyn Watts

Detective Llewellyn Watts (Daniel Maslany) is a detective from Station House One who has worked across several cases with Murdoch & co at Station House Four. With a slightly eccentric way of walking and talking, Watts provides a unique counterpoint to Murdoch’s style of sleuthing.

Rather than working out plans and puzzles on a blackboard, Watts prefers to pound the street on investigations, working from the outside in, gathering evidence and applying his laser-focused analytical skills to zero in on the guilty parties. With a highly logical mind, Watts is a little lacking when it comes to social skills, which can lead to some awkward moments.

When Thomas Brackenreid was away in Panama, Watts was brought in to serve as Station House Four’s detective whilst Murdoch served as the acting Inspector, but now back at his own Station House, he’s still called on from time to time when the occasion demands.

The truth is in the air and we must breath it in.

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