Dr Julia Ogden

About Dr Julia Ogden

Julia Ogden (Hélène Joy) is a skilled pathologist, psychiatrist, and now a practicing surgeon at Toronto Mercy Hospital. She's married to William Murdoch and her keen intellect and inquisitive nature make the pair a perfect match.

A forward-thinking, modern woman who is prone to being a bit blunt at times, Julia was something of a tomboy when she was younger and was even arrested for skinny-dipping in her university days! She first met Murdoch whilst working as the coroner for the City Morgue and immediately hit it off with him, sharing his fascination with forensic science and becoming one of his staunchest allies.

Julia and William had an on-again off-again romantic relationship for quite a while before finally tying the knot, but even as her career took as many turns as her love life, she was always on hand to help Murdoch crack cases.

How curious!

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