Inspector Thomas Brackenreid

About Inspector Thomas Brackenreid

Inspector Thomas Charles Brackenreid (Thomas Craig) is Murdoch's boss - a rough, gruff Yorkshireman and a traditional copper through and through. Whilst he's often perplexed by Murdoch's eccentric approach to policing, he's come to realise it gets results.

A former army man, Brackenreid has a volatile temper, a nice line in sarcasm and is quick to judge on first impressions. Married to the headstrong Margaret, he has two fine sons, is fond of a drink or two and, perhaps surprisingly, has a love for the opera and theatre and paints as a hobby.

It took a while for Brackenreid to be won over to Murdoch's style of sleuthing but, nonetheless, he is very proud of his job and his team and strives to protect all those that live in Toronto.

Bloody hell!

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