Miss Violet Hart

About Miss Violet Hart

Violet Hart (Shanice Banton) is an enterprising and spirited young woman who is taken on as Dr Julia Ogden’s morgue assistant and soon sets her sights on being Chief Coroner.

Raised by a single mother, and never knowing her father, Violet overcame her difficult upbringing to strike out on her own as an entrepreneur. Selling nutrition pills at the Toronto Medical Exposition, Violet meets Dr Julia Ogden and, soon after, takes up Ogden's offer to attend the University and work as her assistant in the City Morgue.

Despite her good work, Ogden soon notices a cold and calculating side to Violet and, unapologetically ambitious, she eventually applies to the role of Chief Coroner when Ogden leaves to become a surgeon. She secures the role, but only by paying a terrible price and losing the respect and trust of Detective Murdoch.

I have no intention of being your assistant forever.

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