About Season 5

Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander are back in the brand new and exclusive fifth season of the thrilling and explosive cop show.

Rizzoli & Isles Series 5

Angie Harman returns as Jane Rizzoli, a tough-as-nails Italian/American Boston police detective, and Sasha Alexander stars as Maura Isles, a smart, impeccably dressed medical examiner from a privileged background. The two shouldn?t work well together but we?ve seen that over the years that chalk and cheese can be the perfect match.

Series 5 Clip

After a tumultuous fourth series ? both in front of and behind the camera ? that saw Rizzoli reveal that she was pregnant, the fifth series kicks off when the pair investigates the murder of a jogger. The case takes on a greater urgency and emotional resonance when the real target of this crime is revealed to be the victim?s baby.

Elsewhere in this fifth series, we?ll see the duo hot in pursuit of a killer who uses online ads to lure in the perfect candidate for murder, and the investigation of a man killed in his supposedly impenetrable doomsday shelter. The team will also deal with the loss of a dear friend and colleague as they say goodbye to Detective Barry Frost (Lee Thompson Young), and, as ever, the ladies' love lives are far from straightforward.