The Coroner Series 1 Episode Guide

You might not think much would go on in a small coastal town but, luckily for us, mystery and intrigue abound in Lighthaven and the coroner’s on the case!

The Coroner

Ep1: First Love

When a teenage boy is found dead at the foot of a tower, Detective Sergeant Davey Higgins assumes it was suicide, but Jane is not so sure. The suicide theory gets further tested when the investigation uncovers an abusive father, a pregnant girlfriend and the fact that the teenager's best friend was with Jane's daughter, Beth, the night of the death.

Ep2: How To Catch A Lobster

When several bodies wash up on the shore, Jane is convinced it's a botched sea burial, but Davey thinks otherwise. With a friendly wager of a steak dinner at stake, both are determined to prove each other wrong!

Ep3: That's The Way To Do It

The town's new mayor is found dead in a hotel room, shortly after closing down a Punch and Judy show on the beach. Jane smells something fishy, but her quest for the truth might well put her own life in danger.

Ep4: The Fisherman's Tale

A popular local businessman is shot dead by a sniper in public and Davey is forced to watch as an officer from the Metropolitan Police takes over his investigation and then makes a move on Jane.

Ep5: Gilt

When a treasure hunter is found dead in his own home, Jane wonders whether one of his colleagues wanted the loot for themselves, while the locals fear it was something more supernatural.

Ep6: Capsized

A man is found dead in a shipwrecked container on the beach. Davey is convinced it was an unfortunate accident, but Jane fears darker forces might be responsible.

Ep7: The Salcombe Selkie

The sleepy town of Lighthaven is stunned when a teenage girl returns from the dead. Where has she been for a whole year? And who was buried in her place?

Ep8: Napoleon's Violin

When the patriarch of the local aristocratic family is found stabbed to death, Jane and Davey investigate and find themselves revisiting an embarrassing chapter of their teenage romance.

Ep9: The Deep Freeze

When a man is found dead in a walk-in freezer, Jane and Davey's relationship is tested to the limit as they clash over who they think is responsible.

Ep10: Dirty Dancing

A woman drops dead in the build-up to a Latin dance festival in Lighthaven. As Jane and Davey argue over what they think happened, the body mysteriously vanishes from the mortuary.