Trevor Eve Interview

Oh, be still our beating hearts! We pin down the devilishly handsome Trevor Eve to grill him about acting, politics and handling love scenes...

The delectable DCI Boyd as played by Trevor Eve

The take no prisoners DCI Boyd has proved a hug hit with female fans.

Trevor Eve was just 28 when he became a household heartthrob thanks to West Country detective Eddie Shoestring. After a distinguished and diverse career on stage and screen it was another detective who would prove to be his second signature role - the rough, gruff DCI Boyd in Waking the Dead.

What inspired you to get into acting?

My ambition was to be an artist but my father disapproved. He was an extremely practical man and said I'd make no money, so he suggested I become an architect. I trained as one, but I had no real interest in it and gave it up. Then I saw an ad in the Yellow Pages for the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, so decided to enrol.

What sort of research did you do for the role of Boyd in Waking the Dead?

I met with forensic people and a DCI who had worked on some amazing high profile cases. It was a real eye opener, I learnt a lot. I wouldn't have made much of a detective in real life though - I couldn't deal with it emotionally. It's hard to accept what people are capable of doing to others. You were an eerily convincing MP in The Politician's Wife. Ever fancied dipping your toe in politics?

I wouldn't want to be a politician, but I am fascinated by politics. Drama doesn't get much more compelling than the conflict you get in high places. Mind you, if I had been a politician I would certainly have a go at sorting out the traffic problems in London.

You set up your own production company a while back. What was the thinking behind that?

I was injured in a polo accident and couldn't do any acting. For a while, I didn't know if I'd walk again, so I had to think of another way to earn a living. Producing is a very difficult industry to crack, but I wanted to show people that I'm not an airy-fairy person and I could actually pull it off.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I've been very lucky and have had so many great roles in my career. But starring alongside Brad Pitt in Troy was a pretty amazing experience. Working on such a big movie was overwhelming.

You're married to actress Sharon Maughan. Is it hard being married to someone in the same profession?

I can't imagine it any other way. It would be hard to explain the worries and insecurities you have as an actor to someone who wasn't one. If you're prone to jealously, love scenes might be tricky. But luckily I'm not!