We Hunt Together interview - Hermione Corfield

"I think it'll be a subject of debate around whether Freddy is pure evil or not..."

Hermione Corfield  as Freddy

Hermione Corfield as Freddy

Can you describe We Hunt Together in one sentence?

We Hunt Together is a multi-led cat and mouse crime drama which follows two sets of partners as they try to find themselves and happiness.

Tell us about Freddy.

I don't think anyone really knows who Freddy is. I think she has a solid idea of what she is and what she believes in. She's described as a free spirit, but I think it's more than that. I think she has a set of ideals that are completely alien to most people, but she strongly believes them, and she has a way of going about her life where she doesn't rely on anyone else. Although Baba does become the partner in crime for her, she's incredibly independent, different, funny and unafraid a lot of the time. She's a chameleon, so every person she meets she almost becomes a different version of herself. That works for her in some ways because she's a hustler and she goes about her life getting what she wants.

Where do we find Freddy at the start of the series?

We find her in London and living a life that is quite ambiguous, in terms of what her career path is. Meeting Baba marks a turning point in her life because she sees him as a kindred spirit and someone who has the ability to carry out things that she's perhaps always, deep down in her psyche, wanted to do. I think for her, Baba is the catalyst for her bad behaviours. It's nothing to do with him, but all to do with how she sees them and how she sees their relationship.

How does Freddy's past affect her actions?

I think it's quite murky. Quite a lot of what she believes and what is the truth is mixed and blurred. I think that's going to be a subject of debate for viewers because it's going to be really subjective how people perceive the whole thing. It's a combination of nature and nurture for Freddy. I think she was born with a desire to kill. She felt different from day one and like an outcast, so her brain works differently, and she's definitely got sociopathic tendencies. I read a book about a sociopath and it looked at the fact that people lie because it's not acceptable to not have empathy within society. I think Freddie feels that. She feels like she's on the outside of society because she doesn't feel the same as everyone else.

Why did you want to play Freddy?

I hadn't really read a character like her before. In order to find the character, I did a mix of digging out details from Gaby's script and doing research into cognitive behaviours and alternative ways of thinking.There's always room for interpretation and room for exploring and working out exactly who someone is. Also, because I only read the first three episodes, I didn't know where she was going. You discover a lot more about her in episodes four, five, six because you delve into her upbringing, her friendships and her past relationships and all that kind of thing. Then, as you always do, you find characteristics that you find in yourself. You have to find similarities because if someone is completely far away from you and it feels like a real stretch, then you can't play that person. You have to find elements of yourself within them, so I tried to do that as well.

What were the themes that attracted you to We Hunt Together?

I think the main theme was the dysfunctional relationship between Baba and Freddy. The dynamic between Jackson and Lola was appealing too, as they have that kind of non-romantic but very caring relationship that develops across the series. I think the idea that all humans are flawed as well and that we're all just trying to do our best. Not that Freddy isn't blameless because she's definitely to blame for lots of it, but I think everyone is doing their best with the hand they've been dealt.

Do you think the series will provoke debate?

We Hunt Together will definitely encourage debate amongst viewers. I think people will have quite different views and perceptions of the characters, which is a good thing. It's good to question each of the characters' morals and reasons for doing things as everyone in it has a different background and start in life, so it's good to question who's to blame. It'll be interesting to see if people like Freddy and relate to her. I hope they do. I hope there's elements of Freddy that are human, but I think that'll be a subject of debate around whether she's pure evil or not. Nature or nurture will be a subject that people will hopefully talk about.

We Hunt Together mixes drama, thriller and comedy genres. What was it like to switch between those tones?

I think those three elements reflect real life. Life is never one tone; it's never all laughs or all drama or all thriller on a daily basis. You're switching between all those genres constantly. I think the twists and turns in We Hunt Together are reflective of the chaotic lifestyle that Freddy and Baba have. I also think you need comedy within the police aspect. I'm sure within any of those services there's going to be comedy and lightness.

What makes We Hunt Together different from other dramas?

I think the physical act of the murder will take a backseat to the human story. Baba's being told by Freddy different reasons why they have to carry out killings and for Freddy, that's her reality. She's not just doing it for the fun of it, she's doing it because she truly believes that's the right thing to do. It's important that people know the back story and invest in them as people so that they enjoy watching their relationship and enjoy watching them as humans, doing their day to day things.

What are the similarities between the four characters?

I think they're all similar because they're just trying to do their best in life. That's where it lies. Everyone's got something in their life which is perhaps holding them back or crippling them. For Lola it's her personal demons and for Jackson it's his family life. Then Baba is really clinging onto religion to try and forget his horrible violent past, but he's still being dragged back in by the violence and Freddy is being dragged back into herself and her own darkness and her own demons. I guess they all have demons, every single one of them. I think there is definitely a fine line between good and bad choices in life and the wrong and right decision. I think Baba is a victim of circumstance. He meets Freddy and she takes him down the wrong path. Perhaps if he hadn't met Freddy he would've stayed on the good path and continued to go to church and not commit violent crimes. I think Freddy has it in her at all times and I think she also tips over into the bad, having maybe been teetering on the brink throughout her entire life. She has committed crimes and done bad things and I think the good and the bad are also dependent on your circumstances and your surroundings. It's not always within yourself to be able to control that.

Why do Freddy and Baba work well together?

I think Freddy and Baba's dynamic is interesting because a lot of the time Freddy feels dominant, but Baba has a strong presence and does fight back. The reality is that he's someone she really wants to love and really wants to form a bond with, so I hope that people will care about them as a couple as well as them as two murderers. They meet in quite strange circumstances, in an alleyway. Baba immediately becomes Freddy's protector and I think that sets the tone for the rest of the series. He's her protector and her heavyweight as well as being her lover and her soulmate. There's also a moment in that first meeting where she tells him no, she takes his arm and says no and I think that sets the dynamic for her being in control. As it progresses, you also learn more about both of them, which helps you invest in them as a couple. I also think that she's been one of the first people he's been able to speak to about all the violence in his past because she's not shocked by his stories. I think she encourages an openness in Baba, and he does the same for her. She feels safe in his presence, he's probably one of the few people she trusts and she's sharing a huge part of herself with him.

Why do we all love crime drama?

I think people enjoy crime drama because it's a window into an area of life that most of us don't see. It's not something we have access to on a daily basis. You see it in the news, you hear about it, but you never have a window into crime, and I think people love to question why people do it. For most of us it's unthinkable, the crimes that Freddy and Baba commit. They're something that would never even cross our minds or even be a possibility of entering our lives and I think that there's a fascination in that. There's a fascination in human behaviour and the limits of how far people go. Freddy and Baba aren't just criminals. Baba in particular has a whole history and past which is incredibly painful and sad. He's definitely a victim of circumstance and you feel for him. Freddy is a character who is magnetic to lots of people within the story and keeps managing to get away with it. I think that's fascinating and hopefully the duality of her character also creates a duality of people's perception of her which makes her different. She, hopefully, doesn't come across as this one-dimensional pure evil criminal.