About Season 3

The Glades

After Callie decides to stay in Palm Glade to be with Jim, their relationship is immediately put to the test when it proves more difficult to find work then she had imagined. Despite their love and support, big decisions weigh on them as they roll up their sleeves to make the day to day business of coming together as a couple work, creating new challenges that will test their commitment.

Meanwhile, the Palm Glade substation gets shaken up when the FDLE sends Jennifer Starke, the beautiful, dynamic FDLE Bureau Chief to evaluate the substation?s track record of success and high rate of arrest, hoping to create a blueprint for the rest of the department.

After a series of initial interviews, it becomes clear to Jennifer that their success is due to Longworth?s unorthodox style of investigation. In order to accomplish her goal, the Bureau Chief decides to take a more hands on approach in her evaluation, creating an interesting tension between the striking Bureau Chief and our lone wolf Detective Longworth.