Who's Who in Smother

Meet the Ahern family... a very complicated and conflicted clan.

Smother Family Tree

The Key Players

  1. VAL (Mother)
    VAL (Mother)

    Matriarch of the Ahern family
    Played by Dervla Kirwan

  2. DENIS (Father)
    DENIS (Father)

    Patriarch of the Ahern family
    Played by Stuart Graham

  3. JENNY (Oldest Daughter)
    JENNY (Oldest Daughter)

    Val's daughter from her first marriage
    Played by Niamh Walsh

  4. ANNA (Middle Daughter)
    ANNA (Middle Daughter)

    Denis's daughter from his first marriage
    Played by Gemma-Leah Devereux

  5. GRACE (Youngest Daughter)
    GRACE (Youngest Daughter)

    Val and Denis's daughter
    Played by Seana Kerslake

Others to look out for


    Val's sister
    Played by Carrie Crowley

  2. CARL

    Val's boyfriend
    Played by Thomas Levin

  3. RORY

    Anna's husband
    Played by Lochlann O'Mearain

  4. JACOB (left) and CALLUM (right)

    Rory's two sons
    Played by Elijah O'Sullivan and James O'Donoghue

    JACOB (left) and CALLUM (right)