About Series 1

Will DCI Luther's personal demons prove to be as dangerous as the criminals he pursues?


DCI John Luther (Idris Elba) is a dedicated and genius detective, who is tormented by the darker side of humanity. He shines a light where others fear to tread, into the hearts and minds of psychopaths and killers, and even into his own soul.

For Luther, his profession is a vocation rather than a job. He follows his own idea of a moral code as much as the rules of criminal law.

His confidante is his arch-enemy Alice, a beautiful multiple-murderer with whom he becomes locked in a lethal battle of wits. As the stakes get higher and more personal, Luther?s lonely path pulls him towards the edge of temptation.

Throughout the series we encounter Luther's capacity for violence alongside his kindness, vulnerability and sharp mind. The question is, is Luther a force for good or a man hell bent on self-destruction?