Once Upon a Murdoch Christmas (2016 Special)

Alibi's very own Detective William Murdoch returns for a second feature-length Christmas special.

Once Upon a Murdoch Christmas (2016 Special)

It's four days 'til Christmas. With no snow on the streets of Toronto, spirits are low until two bombastic businessmen barge into Station Four with a far-fetched story about a train robbery. A bandit is trying to steal Christmas!

Detective William Murdoch is baffled, and soon more impossible robberies have him chasing around the city. Constable Crabtree is convinced the bandit is based on his latest fictional hero, but Inspector Brackenreid dismisses his outlandish theory. Meanwhile, Constable Jackson forms a Station Four choir and with only a few days to whip them into shape, he begs Rebecca James for help.

Doctor Julia Ogden misses all the fun when she is mysteriously spirited away and becomes a storybook heroine for a family of children who need her help. The stories all collide on Christmas Eve. Will the holidays be ruined or can Murdoch pull off a Christmas miracle?

This is a lively romp with flying superheroes and fabulous chases. But the heart of the story lies with the children Ogden befriends and the message of community as all our characters gather to hear the Constable Choir sing.