About New Tricks: Series 9

Three ex-cops bought together by Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman... things are bound to get a little bit feisty.

New Tricks

Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman is back heading up her team of retired detectives who don?t always do things by the book but always get results.

In series nine, Sandra has a new recruit, former DI Steve McAndrew who is a bundle of energetic optimism with a tendency to get under the skin of the cases he?s working on.

Breaking rules and ignoring procedure are all in a day?s work for Pullman?s team, but even by Gerry Standing?s and Brian Lane?s standards, Steve?s unorthodox approach to policing raises a few eyebrows.

With the usual mix of superb characters, intriguing storylines and sharp dialogue, New Tricks is as spirited as ever.