Top Tweets from Ep 1: "Run"

We head to Twitter to pick up the top 5 posts from the first episode of hit series Quantico in which Alex Parrish is framed for an act of terrorism and sets out to fight to clear her name.

Episode 1

Following the arrival of a compelling new US drama series to our screens, Twitter came alive with outpourings of all kinds of emotions - from those that love Quantico's star Priyanka Chopra to people musing over who the terrorist could be.

Here's our run down of the top five reactions to the premiere episode.

1. We Know Who The Star Is

From the very beginning, too. Make no mistake: Priyanka Chopra is the talk of Hollywood at the moment, having dazzled and presented an award at the Oscars and being announced as the villain in the new Baywatch movie, she's the next big thing for TV watchers and cinema-goers the world over. Priyanka doesn't take long to make an impact in Quantico either...

2. Are We Seeing Double?!

After the initial shock of the terrorist attack we flash back in time to follow the first days of a number of recruits in training at the FBI Academy in Virginia. Each character seems to carry their own mysterious baggage, but it's not long before we see our first major twist.

3. Let The Guessing Begin

We soon find out that half the fun of watching Quantico is going to be in guessing who the terrorist is... Time to get the notebook out and start making notes. A great thought on Shelby here... but what about Simon? 28% of people thought he was the favourite after the first episode, although it was a close run poll.

4. We Need To Look Beyond The Recruits

Despite thinking it may be one of the recruits, many thought that veteran agent and Quantico instructor Liam O'Connor could be hiding something. What's with the secret meeting with Ryan? And did we really believe him when Alex was being arrested?

5. It's Going To Be All We Can Talk About

For the next 22 weeks Quantico is going to run our lives. Thursdays can't come round soon enough.

You can read through all the other great tweets about the fantastic FBI thriller by following the hashtag #QuanticoUK or post your thoughts and you could make next week's list.